How does a typical two hour Science Party Run

10 mins after the party start time (to allow everyone time to arrive) The fun begins with a mixture of demonstrations and hands on experiments, all of which involve the children and quite often the adults. This takes between 60/75 mins

We then stop for a break and some much anticipated party food.

After the children have eaten usually 20/30 minutes, we then finish with an extra ‘WOW’ experiment which usually takes about 15 mins and takes place outside if the weather conditions and space allow although there will be an indoor alternative if not.

Finally for the last 10 mins or so they can play with their science experiments until they are picked up.

There is no need for you to provide any extra entertainment unless you wish to.

This is only a suggestion and can be adapted to any format or theme

Where can I have my party?
What area do you cover?
What do you need?
Are the parties safe?
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